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"We make meetings interactive using electronic technology."

Computouch Ltd. has been working with touchpads (keypad polling / audience response systems) for the past fifteen years, including:

  1. Sales of complete systems (hardware and software) with expert support and training.
  2. Full system rentals (equipment and personnel) for everything from officer elections to strategic planning meetings, to not-for-profit fundraisers.
  3. Meeting design consultation. Product knowledge + hands-on experience = unparalleled expertise in the effective application of keypad technology.
  4. Facilitation - Whether the polling exercise needs true facilitation or simply guidance, we are always happy to guide the participants through the polling process, and to further facilitate the results if required.

Why include polling in your meeting?

The appropriate incorporation of polling products produces better meeting outcomes...

  1. More productive and potentially shorter meetings; better use of meeting time.
  2. More even / democratic input. Everyone is 'heard'.
  3. Improved participant awareness and understanding of the group / individual positions.
  4. Quick revelation of what people are thinking so that valuable meeting time can be spent on why and what to do about it.
  5. A change in group dynamics from defending 'my' position, to understanding and addressing the 'group' position.
  6. Greater participant buy-in to decisions.
  7. Participants have more fun and feel more involved when keypads are used.

Company Profile

Established as a computer and small business consulting company in 1985 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, CompuTouch Ltd. is managed today by its founding principals, Alan Chapman and Fiona Law. Fiona and Al both have Master's Degrees in Business Administration, and many years' of experience in business consulting and university level adult education.

At CompuTouch our primary focus is enhancing business presentations and conferences using our expertise with meeting software and technology.

Although CompuTouch works primarily in Canada, we do sell systems and run meetings in other parts of the world. We've been involved in meetings in every province in Canada, plus the United States, seven countries in Europe, and in Japan.

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